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Adopt A Can-Do Attitude

Running a company and trying to make it work is more important than trying to make it big. So ensuring that I approach each business opportunity that comes my way with the right attitude is essential. I do not believe in second chances. It’s always now or never. I seize the day and make sure I adopt a “can-do” attitude.

Over the years, THE AMIRIS have had opportunities to manage several high-profile projects, including a branded online newsroom, familiarisation trips for members of the media from overseas, and press events in countries outside Thailand. These are important businesses, the bread and butter of THE AMIRIS.

To be honest, I initially thought that running a branded online newsroom, or producing positive press content, and organising media trips and events would be a piece of cake. I was once a responsible journalist myself, and over 20 years in travel trade journalism I had written countless news and reports and was once crowned the ‘Queen of the Front Page’. I had attended countless fam trips and press conferences. Surely it should not be too difficult.

How wrong I was! Producing press content and organising fam trips require a great deal of work and meticulous attention to detail. To ensure the press content or the media events are well-received and resulted in great coverage, every element has to be carefully planned, with further contingency plans if things go wrong. After all, it’s the reputation of THE AMIRIS on the line and the reputation of my clients too.

Over the years, THE AMIRIS has taken on more team members while I continue to oversee every tiny detail of all projects. No stone could be left unturned and it is like running a mental marathon every day. One minute I am writing a press release, the next I am updating the websites or sending out invitation or preparing proposals or conducting site inspections. I have to be willing to deal with all non-stop tasks, and I am more than happy to take it all on.

I know my hard work has paid off when my productivity turns into positive result. I know it has been a success for THE AMIRIS when I am asked by clients to do it all again. And I’m looking forward to every hectic minute of it.

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