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Behind The Amiris name

What does The Amiris mean? What’s behind the name? I think you should attach the word “communications” or “PR” behind the name to let people know the type of your company. And the list of recommendation goes on…

Indeed, these are million-dollar questions. Every time I introduced my company or exchange my business card, either these questions flooded in or the facial expressions suggested the same.

The answer is simple. The Amiris is my name spelling backward. So why didn’t I just name my company as Sirima? Truth is, I have registered two companies, and the other is named KhunSirima. There you have it!

So why? The answer is also simple. The Amiris is a company that is established to offer the professional services based on my experience and expertise. Since the start of the company until today, I am still at the forefront of getting new businesses and managing the existing ones.

Everything that comes in and goes out of this company must go through me. I am solely responsible for the highly specialised services at The Amiris. I also make sure that every service delivered is above. Otherwise, I will just turn down the project. Why go into battle that I cannot win, right?

So I just named the company after my name. It’s as simple as that. Actually, I initially named the company as Sabaidee Meesook which means happily filled with happiness. That’s because I wanted the company to be running happily and, of course, filled with happiness. I changed the name in lieu of the above reasons.

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