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Responsible journalist THE AMIRIS

This blog is to echo the fact that responsible journalists will not just “copy and paste” a press release. They would present their news articles based on truth and accuracy, and be accountable, independent and transparent in their reporting.

So what does the above has to do with how to write an effective press release? It actually does have a lot to do with responsible reporting. When I was a journalist, I didn’t just cut or copy and paste a press release and submit the story as my own news piece. If I thought that a particular press release contained news value, I would then use that piece of info as reference to develop my own news story. I expanded the news material by finding more information, mostly through interviews.

But in this ever-evolving era of online community, 'citizen journalists' use modern technology to distribute information as soon as it becomes available. And so, many organisations become accustomed to seeing their press releases being re-distributed or re-published online without any editing or fact-checking.

While it is true that we all need to adapt to change. But as the founder of a PR agency and a former journalist that once earned a nickname “a tough cookie” I’d like to share my knowledge and experiences with the communities on how to write an effective press release, one that contains news value.

After all, if we are going to see all press releases being re-distributed or re-published everywhere online, let’s at least ensure that the information is as accurate and relevant as possible.

If you need more detail or assistance on how to write an effective press release, please contact


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