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Simple steps to effective brand building

Brand building is an essential element of personal and business development. It defines an identity and value of the person or business. It communicates with the market about your services or products, creating value and indeed helping to generate business.

Here are the simple steps to effective brand building.

Know Your Brand

This is the most crucial step – knowing your brand. What your brand stands for. If it is a retail or product brand, you need to know the core strengths – the value that you can deliver to your market. For a personal brand, you must be able to show the skills and expertise which stand out. Also, you should look at your brand values – whether you are contributing to local communities, environment, culture, future generation, etc. So take a long, hard look at your brand and get to ‘know your brand’.

Position Your Brand

This is the step to ensure that your brand stands out from competitors. Once you ‘know your brand’ you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from others. You must be able to demonstrate the unique values that you can give to your market that your competitors can’t. Branding is not about a fancy logo or an extravagant colour scheme. Branding is about showing a unique value proposition that helps your market appreciate and be loyal to your brand. Your logo will not generate business, you brand will.

Build Your Brand

This step takes a lot of time and effort. Consistency is the key. Keep reinforcing the key message that focuses on the strengths and values of your brand. If it’s a personal brand, you need to keep boosting your exposure, demonstrating your skills and experiences. If it’s a retail or product brand, keep reinforcing the unique value propositions. Develop a unique brand identity that let the market know, think and talk about you.

Brand Your Brand

Look around you and you’ll see people walk and talk brands. You too want people to walk and talk your brand. So let the market be a part of your brand building. Let your market feel that they are a part of your brand and relate with it. This way you give the market the reason to engage with your brand (your products or services) for as long as it takes.

Review Your Brand

Your brand must evolve or develop over time. Do review your brand and evaluate your business regularly. While you remain committed to the core values of your brand, new opportunities will allow you to adjust your brand to the right direction and keep it relevant at all times.

Brand building takes time, but the success is rewarding. So good luck with building your own brand!


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