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What does The Amiris do?

This is part of a series of blogs that I am writing for The Amiris. My objectives are to let people know more about the company, and to share my knowledge and experience that allow me to run a successful public relations, newsroom and communications agency.

I initially did not want to have a company website. I prefer to do things without ostentation. But unable to resist the request of my staff, I agreed to a plain website. However, after having the website up and running for about a year, I got bored seeing the same information over and over again. Also, people started asking about us, what we do and why we think we are good at what we do? So I thought it’s high time to share with the world a little bit more about The Amiris.

Here’s what we do:

Public relations

We provide fully-integrated public relations services and creative digital marketing solutions to promote destinations or organisations by “earning” editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines, websites and social media.

We write high quality press content and distribute them via digital marketing tools, including website, social media and eDM. We organise press events, including press conference, group interview, familiarisation trip and thank you press party. We know a vast number of members of the media as well as the growing community of bloggers worldwide.

High quality press contents

We provide high-quality multi-lingual press content development services complete with creative digital distribution solutions to ensure maximum exposure and high rate of republishing. Our goals in developing press contents are to create or enhance a positive image for our clients, making them or their products and services seem as exciting and relevant as possible.

Our strengths lie in our abilities and expertise to write any types of content, including press release, press information or fact sheet, speech, press questions and answers, statement, and crisis communication message.

We take pride in delivering high quality content in a timely manner.

Digital marketing solutions

We are entrusted by a high-profile governmental agency in Thailand to manage and operate its news website since October 2013, making sure its pivotal role as the source of relevant tourism information for the members of the international media and the public.

We ensure high quality contents that are accurate and relevant. We take proactive yet creative digital distribution approach to ensure maximum exposure. We use our wide-ranging journalism and public relations expertise to give the client winning and measurable results.

PR training courses

During the first two years of operation, I focused on offering a training course on how to write effective press releases for PR and marketing professionals in the travel and hospitality industry. Crossing over from journalism to PR, this was the perfect exercise to promote my company’s strengths in providing public relations services – based on my bi-lingual experience and expertise on both fields. Three one-day courses were conducted in 2012, and the project has been put on hold after I took up the new website management project in 2013. Given our consistently high quality services, we have been entrusted by the same government agency to manage and operate two more projects.

So that's pretty much what The Amiris does.

The Amiris is a small company, and I run all the operations myself. This is a plus for my clients. Given my background in journalism and public relations, I could then deliver consistently high quality services as and when required. I am backed by a team of experienced multilingual publicists and writers.

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